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In these Terms, I and me refers to Paul Gardner (the owner of

1. About

1.1: is a website offering piano accompaniment backing tracks for the classical works that are listed on the website, available for purchase at their stated prices. While I welcome suggestions for new works, the website does not operate as a request service.

1.2: does not offer sheet music for sale. However on many of the product pages there are links to corresponding free sheet music pdf files, hosted on the website.

1.3: All original content on the website is copyright protected and may not be copied without permission.

2. Making A Purchase:

2.1: Purchases at may be made using credit/debit cards or through PayPal. Credit/debit card transactions are conducted using Opayo (formerly SagePay) as the payment service provider. As companies dedicated to the processing of online payments, you can be assured that both Opayos and PayPals payment security features are extensive. This includes 128-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure your payment details cannot be viewed by others.

2.2: I, nor anybody associated with, see any of your credit/debit card details or PayPal login details at any point during or after your transaction.

2.3: You may find that debit/credit card issuers charge an extra 'foreign currency transaction' fee for orders made outside the United Kingdom (where is based). While this fee is entirely at the discretion of your card issuer, it usually amounts to no more than 2% of the cart total.

2.4: As of 1st January 2021 I am obliged to charge VAT on purchases made from within the European Union. This is due to EU law which non-EU countries (such as the UK) now have to apply without the benefit of a threshold. The national VAT rate for each individual EU country will be applied at the checkout page after you have selected the country which corresponds to your billing address.

2.5: Please ensure, before buying these accompaniment audio tracks, that you have a music system with a sufficient degree of amplification for using these tracks to play along to. A mobile phone may not possess enough amplification on its own, however when connected to a speaker (whether through wireless, Bluetooth or wired connection) this should easily be sufficient.

3. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights:

3.1: All of the audio tracks available from are copyright protected against illegal use, and I own the Intellectual Property Rights to all of the recordings. Illegal use signifies any copying and/or distributing of purchased tracks (including tracks which have been modified) without prior permission.

3.2: You may only play, copy or modify these tracks for your own personal use, or for those within your immediate household. Personal use includes use in your own practice sessions and music lessons, but can also include public performances and recitals so long as the track source is acknowledged and no further distribution of the tracks take place without prior permission. Copyright protection still applies to any tracks which are modified from the originals, for instance tracks which have been slowed down using software.

3.3: You may wish to record yourself playing alongside a track purchased at, perhaps for an exam submission or for a YouTube video. Any resulting audio track has fewer copyright restrictions than those described above. You are free to use it for your own purposes, but only so long as the piano part (either in whole or to a substantial degree) cannot be extracted from your recording or digital file and played by itself. I would also ask that you attribute the piano part to in any recording credits. Please contact me if you have questions about this.

3.4: I reserve the right to take legal action against any person or company using tracks from without agreed permission. This includes tracks which have been modified from my originals, whether acquired from the website or elsewhere. Please contact me if you have any questions.

4. Liability:

4.1: While I do guarantee the delivery of any audio tracks purchased successfully at, whether by automated or manual means, I cannot accept liability for problems encountered at the payment service providers that the website uses to enable transactions, namely Opayo (formerly SagePay) and PayPal. If the transaction does not complete due to customer details being entered incorrectly, or because of temporary technical issues at the payment website, then I am not able to fulfil an order without payment having been completed.

4.2: Customers should download purchased tracks from the receipt links onto their own device(s) within 48 hours of purchase. After 48 hours the initial links will expire and you will no longer be able to access or play the tracks from those links. If you have not downloaded the tracks within this time and need them re-sent, please email me and I will be happy to do so. However please be aware I cannot accept liability for any loss or frustration caused by failure to download the tracks within the required time.

4.3: I cannot accept liability for any damage caused or difficulties encountered from the downloading or usage of any products from This includes, but is not limited to, mechanical damage to computer hardware or speakers.

4.4: All purchased files from are guaranteed virus free when they leave the server from which they are downloaded. However you should make sure that whenever you are downloading any files from the internet that you have a firewall or other similar security measures installed, to prevent any malicious scripts or viruses that could attack your computer.

4.5: While I recommend other software and offer links to free sheet music in certain areas of the website, I cannot accept liability for any downloads people choose to initiate themselves. Please make sure your firewalls are functioning correctly should you choose to download software or sheet music, and only do so from reputable websites.

5. Privacy Policy:

5.1: Your privacy is important to me. I will never disclose customers' name, address or email details to any third parties other than when order details are processed as part of order fulfilment. In this case, the third party (Opayo or PayPal) use these details exclusively for verifying and processing any purchases made at

5.2: Cookies are used on this website where they are strictly necessary for the site functionality. They are used to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart and to pass this information through to the checkout pages. If you select the 'Remember Me' option in the checkout, a cookie will be used in your web browser to remember your address details to make future ordering quicker and easier. You can turn off cookies by blocking them in your browser Privacy settings, but be aware that if you turn off cookies altogether, you will be unable to place orders at the website.

5.3: Cookies are also used on occasion to monitor usage statistics at the website. These statistics are anonymised and are only used to enable me to make relevant improvements at the website.

6. Refunding or cancelling orders:

6.1: Customers ordering audio tracks from may not cancel completed orders as the tracks are supplied immediately after purchase. However, if you are not entirely happy with the tracks or if you feel you are justified a refund in any other way, please contact me via the Contact Page and providing the reason is legitimate I can refund your purchase, either in full or in part depending on the issue. Legitimate reasons for refunds may include:

6.1.1: Customer has received incorrect tracks. Please email me straight away so I can rectify.
6.1.2: Customer cannot get used to playing alongside a specific track, despite his/her best efforts.
6.1.3: Customer has inadvertently purchased duplicate tracks, or tracks purchased in a previous order.
6.1.4: There is a fault within the audio of a track, which is not down to the hardware or software the customer is using. If there appears to be a fault it may be worth trying to play the same track on a different device to see if the problem persists.