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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I have written answers to questions I am often asked about this website. If you require any further help or information,


1) Is ordering from this website safe and secure?

Yes. All orders at are made through a secure checkout. You can confirm this by looking for the padlock symbol in your browser's address bar, and by noting the prefix 'https' at the start of the webpage address. It is not just the checkout pages that are secure, every page on this website is secured using the modern TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol.

All payment card details are processed by either Opayo or PayPal, both of which are highly established payment service providers dedicated to ensuring your transaction is processed securely. Your card details are fully encrypted, and not seen by myself during or after the transaction.

2) How does the Shopping Cart work?

The Shopping Cart lists the works you wish to purchase, including any individual movements and practice ones. The cart requires 'cookies' to be enabled in your web browser for it to work (the same as any other online shopping cart), so if you get a cart error message please check if cookies are properly enabled.

To remove an item from the cart, tick the check box alongside the work in the 'Remove' column then click 'Update Cart'.
To continue browsing for more accompaniments, click 'Continue Shopping'.

There is a currency converter at the bottom of the cart, this can be used to see the total price in your own currency. The Total may change as the checkout progresses to reflect discount codes or EU VAT, however the final cart total will be calculated and displayed before order confirmation.

When you are happy with your cart contents, click 'Checkout' to begin the payment procedure. If you are using a mobile phone you may have to scroll down to find the Checkout or other buttons.

Please note - if you try to put the same work in the cart twice, an error message will appear to prevent you paying for it twice! Please check the cart details, or contact me if you need further help.

3) What is the ordering (checkout) procedure?

Click the 'Checkout' button to begin the payment procedure.

On Checkout Page 1 there are a few name and address details to enter, to help fulfil your order. If you would like to order without giving your address details, please see FAQ 6 below.

The required checkout fields all apply to your BILLING (invoice) address, not necessarily where you are currently living.
Full Name - please enter your full name as you like to be referred to e.g. John Doe or Erika Mustermann.

Address Line 1 - This is your billing street address, e.g. 4 Privet Drive.

City/Town - The city/town/district on your billing address.

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Country - This is the country of your billing address. If this is the USA or Canada, you also need to provide your state or province below (e.g. Arizona or Alberta).

State/Province/County - This is only required for customers in the USA or Canada - please use the dropdown list to select.

Email Address - this is required so that your receipt email can be sent, containing your download links. To ensure it is entered correctly, the checkout asks for it twice!
On Checkout Page 2 you can enter a discount code if you have received one, and then tick the check box to agree to the Terms and Conditions shown at the bottom of the page.

On Checkout Page 3, please take note of the information regarding the download procedure. Finally, select whether you wish to use Opayo or PayPal as the payment provider.

4) Why am I finding problems paying through Opayo?

Opayo is one of the biggest and most secure payment service providers in Europe, processing millions of transactions each month. However, because of its very strict payment rules, occasionally my customers have reported not being able to complete a transaction, through no fault of their own.
If you find this is the case, don't worry! Just go back and select PayPal instead of Opayo as the payment option. There is no need to have a PayPal account, and you don't have to log in if you don't want to, because PayPal now offers the simple option to pay by credit or debit card through a guest checkout.
If you still find problems when trying to pay please contact me as I can often provide an alternative.

5) Why is there an Status: MALFORMED error?

On rare occasions, customers attempting to pay through Opayo may encounter a strange error message, shown below. These errors only occur when paying through Opayo, so you may find it easier to select PayPal as the payment option instead, as this now allows you to pay by credit or debit card as a guest without needing to have a PayPal account.

Status: MALFORMED 3109 - To prevent this error, please enter at least two names in the Full Name field, e.g. John Doe or Erika Mustermann.
Status: MALFORMED 3130 - To prevent this error, please ensure you have selected your State (USA) or Province (Canada) from the drop-down list in Checkout Page 1. You need to do this even if you have previously typed the name of your state, sorry about this!

6) Can I pay directly by PayPal or bank transfer, without having to give my address details?

Yes. If you don't wish to disclose your address details, or if you are finding any problems completing your transaction, there is an alternative to using the checkout.
Here is the procedure:

1. Contact me at to let me know which pieces you would like to purchase, and whether you would like to pay direct with PayPal or bank transfer (PayPal is preferable for me)
2. I will let you know the cost and the transfer details
3. On receiving the payment I will put the requested tracks into a Dropbox folder and send you the link from which to download the tracks.

7) Can I pay from anywhere in the world, and in my own currency?

Yes, you can purchase these accompaniment tracks from anywhere in the world. As this website is based in the United Kingdom, all the displayed prices are in pounds Sterling. However, once you reach the payment pages, either Opayo or PayPal, your geographical location will be noted and the total price converted accordingly. There are also currency converters on the product pages and in the cart if you wish to see the converted amount before progressing with the checkout.

8) Do I have to pay VAT or extra tax?

Since 1st January 2021 I have had to apply VAT for the 27 countries in the European Union, according to the standard rate from the customer's billing address country. Further details are available here. All orders not made from EU countries are not currently subject to VAT.

9) Something has gone wrong with my order, can you help please?

Yes of course. If your receipt email does not arrive (and is not in your spam/junk folder), or if you find any other problem with your order , and I will do whatever I can to make sure your order is fulfilled.

If any issues cannot be resolved, or if you are unhappy with any of the accompaniment tracks provided, then I am happy to provide a refund for the tracks in question.

About the tracks

10) What are these tracks for?

The music tracks from are designed to help you familiarise yourself with playing along to the piano parts of works you may be learning. When you play your solo part along with these piano accompaniment tracks, you will find they help with keeping in time, keeping in tune, getting used to playing with the piano, gaining a sense of performance, and making practice more fun! You may well also find that these tracks save you money in hiring rehearsal pianists, at least in the early stages of learning a piece.

While these tracks are primarily designed for private practice, many of my customers have also played along to these tracks in public performances and exams. These tracks can provide great benefits to your practice sessions, and are used by musicians all over the world.

11) What quality are these recordings and how are they recorded?

These are high-quality recordings, with a real piano sound rather than synthesised recordings you might hear elsewhere. The tracks are recorded on a top-of-the-range digital piano - a Yamaha Clavinova. A digital piano provides a similar sound to a grand piano, but with the great advantage that I can edit the recorded files in order to correct note pitches, and incorporate sympathetic tempo changes, any necessary click-beats and breathing points. As I am a professional accompanist I feel I am well placed to be able to judge how each accompaniment should sound.

All this means you will be practising along to performance standard accompaniments, not tinny midi files. Each work/movement has its own audio sample for you to listen to, if possible I would suggest you listen to these through an connected Bluetooth speaker to get the best representation of the tracks. My Testimonials Page contains a selection from the hundreds of generous comments made by happy customers through the years!

12) Can I slow down, change key, or otherwise modify these tracks?

Yes, and in many case for free! I recommend an excellect audio editor called Audacity which is available for free on Windows PCs and Macs, and which enables you to modify complete tracks or even sections within them.

There are also a number of mobile apps which I can recommend for changing tempo or key. The fully featured versions of these are paid apps, but they often have free 'lite' versions you can download for free to see how they work.

Please visit this page for further details.

13) What do you mean by 'does this track contain cuts, clicks, repeats, etc...?' and 'practice versions?'

For many works/movements, you will see the phrase 'does this track contain cuts, clicks, repeats, etc'. This brings up a little text box that describes whether I have added click-beats (either at the start of the piece or in places where the piano is silent), whether I have included repeats, whether I have omitted any concerto tuttis and how I might have accommodated solo cadenza passages. 'Practice versions' are simply slower versions of fast or more difficult works - these are provided free with the full speed 'performance' versions or when you buy a full sonata or concerto. They can help you build up to playing, hopefully, at the full speed eventually!

14) What are these click-beats? Can they be removed?

Some of my accompaniment tracks contain occasional click-beats, either at the beginning to help you come in, or during the work when I think it may help. It is quite easy to remove them yourself on a PC or Mac computer, using a free and easy to use program called Audacity. Please visit this page for further details.
Alternatively I am usually able to re-record bespoke versions for you without such beats, just email me and I'll see what I can do. However please note this may take longer than removing them yourself, as it requires me to be at my recording studio.

15) What is the tuning/concert pitch of these tracks?

The accompaniment tracks are all recorded at A=440Hz. If you would like Tuning Notes please visit this page.

Other questions

16) Who are you and what experience do you have as an accompanist?

My name is Paul Gardner, and I am the creator and owner of I have been playing the piano for over thirty years and have been awarded a Masters degree in Music Performance from the University of Southampton, England. I have been accompanying soloists for many years and it has become my primary occupation. I have accompanied many hundreds of recitals, diplomas, master-classes, concerts and exams with pupils of varying ability, both in the UK and abroad. Many of these performances have been by their nature of advanced works, and as such I have covered a considerable amount of repertoire.

17) Do you stock or offer sheet music?

I do not stock sheet music, and your order will not include commercially available music scores. Fortunately, much of the music on my site is in the public domain and hence there is a good chance you can find appropriate scores freely on the web, particularly at the amazing website. Where possible, I supply links to free scores for works which are in the public domain.

While I can advocate printing free scores for practice purposes, for public performances I would always recommend buying commercial scores from reputable publishers as they are much more robust and may contain important performance notes. If you need advice with scores, please contact me and I'll see what I can do to help.

18) Will you be adding any more requests?

Over the next few months I hope to be able to add some more pieces from my long line of requests. I shall include details on the newsletters I send to my mailing list customers.

19) What is your copyright policy? Can I use these tracks to record with?

This is my copyright policy, copied across from my Terms and Conditions. It includes a section on recording alongside these tracks, which is something I am often asked about and which I am generally happy to agree to:

All of the audio tracks available from are copyright protected against illegal use, and I own the Intellectual Property Rights to all of the recordings. Illegal use signifies any copying and/or distributing of purchased tracks (including tracks which have been modified) without prior permission.

You may only play, copy or modify these tracks for your own personal use, or for those within your immediate household. Personal use includes use in your own practice sessions and music lessons, but can also include public performances and recitals so long as the track source is acknowledged and no further distribution of the tracks take place without prior permission. Copyright protection still applies to any tracks which are modified from the originals, for instance tracks which have been slowed down using software.

You may wish to record yourself playing alongside a track purchased at, perhaps for an exam submission or for a YouTube video. Any resulting audio track has fewer copyright restrictions than those described above. You are free to use it for your own purposes, but only so long as the piano part (either in whole or to a substantial degree) cannot be extracted from your recording or digital file and played by itself. I would also ask that you attribute the piano part to in any recording credits. Please contact me if you have questions about this.

I reserve the right to take legal action against any person or company using tracks from without agreed permission. This includes tracks which have been modified from my originals, whether acquired from the website or elsewhere. Please contact me if you have any questions.