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Accompaniment tracks for classical instrumental repertoire

Customer Comments

The following are a selection of genuine comments that customers have left after ordering:


"Thank you for providing these accompaniments! I have previously purchased from you, the Hindemith Flute Sonata accompaniment, and I was very pleased"

"Thank you so much, Paul! It worked like a charm!"

"Wow Paul!! Thank you indeed! What a service!"
(RM, Israel)

"This is such a great idea for me as my accompanist can't come to rehearse as often as I would like."
(SM, UK)

"I just wanted to say thank you for the files - we looked everywhere on the internet but couldn't find a good piano accompaniment audio until we stumbled upon your website. I believe that this piece, in particular is incomplete without the accompaniment so I am extremely grateful that I can now perform with the piano audio."
(SO, Japan)

"Great service and very happy with the quality! How marvellous to be able to store Chant de Linos on a tiny flash drive and practice Jolivet mid-ocean on a cruise from San Fran to Auckland. The times we live in!"
(CP, New Zealand)

"Thank you for creating these wonderful accompaniments!"

"Your backing tracks are amazing and I shall be certainly adding to my repertoire now that I have found you. I played for valentines evening at the local hotel and used some of your tracks. Everyone commented on how lovely they were."
(SJ, UK)

"Just had a listen to the accompaniment and it sounds great. Thank you very much helping me out, it is really appreciated as it will be a great assistance over the next week."
(KS, Ireland)

"Thank you for these, I am having a great time playing along with the beautiful recordings."

"Thank you so much for your assistance my viola student is looking forward to working with your accompaniment tracks on her solo."

"I am very happy, now I can practice the entire piece.
You are kind and professional. Thank you."
(MP, Czechia)

"This is super! Thank you so very much.
I appreciate you using your gifts this way to help other musicians in their practicing.
Such a God-send :)"
(VH, Canada)

"I absolutely love your accompaniments. I have many of your cello accompaniments and enjoy them very much."
(MK, UK)

"The kids have tried some of the files and love them. We will place another order soon!
Thank you for providing such excellent service!!!!"


"I just wanted to say 'Thank you' for this wonderful service. I downloaded your accompaniments to Brahms Violin Sonata no 1, Beethoven no12, and Schubert Sonatinas a couple of months ago - they have made my practice sessions so much more enjoyable and rewarding! So I'm now trying a few more to give myself some fresh ideas and experiences - as well as revising some old familiar tunes!"
(SK, UK)

"I just came across your site while searching for accompaniment for a clarinet student who needs accompaniment for an audition in a few weeks. Although I am a piano teacher, I just don't have enough time to learn the suite properly for her audition. What a life saver this is! The parts sound great and have a click "count off" which makes it very easy for the student to practice to. In the meantime, I can work on accompaniment to play live. So glad I found you! I am so relieved! The tracks are already downloaded and ready to go. Sound great."

"Thank you - impressed with playing and quality of the accompaniment. I shall look forward to playing along to Schumann and shall definitely use your web site in the future."
(JS, UK)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful flute repertoire you've covered on this site. I am having so much fun playing various intermediate level pieces 'with the piano' - it makes such a difference!"
(GW, Australia)

"You are wonderful! So kind and helpful. Thank you so much!"
(HB, UK)

"Sounds beautiful."
(MR, Canada)

"Your accompaniments are very helpful! My 12 year old son plays clarinet to a very high level and my piano skills have now reached their limit... We couldn't manage without your downloads, thanks."
(CM, UK)

"I'm very very grateful you have solved my problem. You are very kind ,as usual with your customers. My sincerest congratulations !!!!"
(RP, Uruguay)

"Thank you for download link. Piano perfomance is brilliant! These tracks will be a masterpiece of my collection for flute."
(KK, Russia)

"That is simply perfect THANK YOU! So much. What you've done is amazing!!! Such a great quality and utterly priceless in terms of usefulness!"
(GH, UK)

"Thank you for the thoughtful recording. The attention to the details, esp the tempo markings, made it a pleasure to rehearse."
(SvO, USA)

"That's great Paul thank you so much!! I have a lot of pieces that I recorded myself via midi so with this I can now unify the sound of the piano, looking forward to get more pieces from you thanks again for the efficiency and the prompt response."
(MK, Argentina)

"Thanks for that Paul, Ive downloaded all tracks with no trouble. Ill be coming to your site for future auditions when I need an accompaniment track!"
(JH, Australia)

"I just downloaded and listened to this. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much."

"Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding. I will definitely use your website for future accompaniments."
(PM, UK)

"Thank you so very much...this is wonderful..great job..Perfect tempo..."
(HS, Norway)

"Thank you so much for your prompt reply. The links work fine now and have been downloaded. Previously, I purchased 3 pieces last year and your service never fails to amaze me."
(JH, Aus)

"Thank you so much! I can not believe I was not aware of this amazing site. Being a high school teacher, it is hard to get enough pianist for our solo and ensemble events!"