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Customer Comments

The following are a selection of genuine comments that customers have made after ordering tracks from my website, usually by email correspondance. It's always lovely to hear nice responses from my customers, and I'm pleased many people seem to like the tracks I have recorded.

"In more than one way, the accompaniments of stand out. They are really musical, elegantly and inspiredly played, technically impeccable, The faster and more difficult movements are presented in a slower version as well, but this slower version is not a childish halving of the tempo but an interpretation that can serve any occasion where the player wants to shine without being a virtuoso. The pianist really has the soloist in mind, as In leaving out in the accompaniment what should otherwise oblige the soloist to waiting long, such as dozens of bars of introduction in a concerto. Particularly nice is that the website contains not just popular pieces but also music for which it would be difficult to find a pianist who is accomplished enough, such as for me the Hindemith and Saint-Sans clarinet sonatas."
(DB, Netherlands)

"I am finding your accompaniments super useful! I will buy more of them for sure - what a great tool to have my music ready to go (and learn some new pieces as well)! Your playing is beautiful."

"thankyou - all works fine - just played along to your beautiful accompaniment to the Swan about 10 times - it's for a friends wedding and there is no piano so you have saved the day!"
(RJ, UK)

"All the accompaniments I have ordered are simply amazing! I am so thrilled you put them on an mp3 format which allowed for very easy downloading. In addition to that, all the accompaniments are now loaded from the computer into the Samsung Tab A. This allows for very easy playing on my part as well as that of my students. The Tab A has a feature that slows down the accompaniments to much slower tempi (if needed) without sacrificing the quality of the piano sound. You will notice by my orders that I have the standard repertoire at the moment. Thanks for such a tremendous service to the music community."
(WZ, Canada)

"I am so thrilled to find the piano accomplishment with real piano instead of midi for this exact piece in this exact version I want. Thank you for making this."

"thank you very very much. You are amazing. Have a wonderful day and thank you again, for the accompaniment and for solving this problem."
(AD, Czechia)

"Thanks so much for providing the files Id ordered. Its great having this neat service. Trying to track down an accompanist whos able to prepare practise tracks like the ones Id ordered is a bit of a challenge so I was very grateful when I discovered your website."
(MS, New Zealand)

"I'm a professional Violinist and I play at lots of weddings, funerals and events. Your accompaniments are really great and recorded and a very sensitive way. Very nice to play with."
(MT, UK)

"Thank you so much! It worked and I have it downloaded! Thanks for your help! It's an excellent track!"
(CL, Canada)

"I received your links. Thank you! I already tried the Vocalise and the Swan - its beautifully played, very easy to follow since all little rubatos and rits are so logical....I happened to give a cue to my speakers and they came right in..."
(MD, Germany)

"The downloads are wonderful. I have played professionally for over 50 years. Your recordings have given me the joy of revisiting literature I haven't played in years, even when no pianist is available."

"By the way, thank you for your terrific work, practising with accompaniments has really lifted my playing."
(ET, Australia)

"Thanks for your clever idea of making the accompaniments tracks they are pure genius."
(MS, Switzerland)

"I wanted to thank you for your accompaniment track. I was able to submit a recording of me playing along with it for a little competition at the community music school through which I take lessons. I could not find online accompaniment anywhere and I was thrilled to stumble across your site. It allowed me to play while staying at home."

"Thank you so much for your prompt response. I have purchased the Five Dances. The tone is absolutely wonderful. I could listen to you all day. Please continue with your wonderful skill."
(TL, UK)

"I use your files for every piece I work on. While I could ask someone at the university to record them, I am very happy with the quality and style."
(BL, Australia)

"GREAT!!!! What a deal, Paul! This makes me so happy - I absolutely LOVE this suite. Are you the pianist or the producer or both?"
(CF, USA) - I am both the pianist and producer of these tracks!

"Thank you for your wonderful accompaniments! They have been a savior in this time of lockdown. I play at least 4-5 every day, and I enjoy all of them."

"In times of Corona virus where I can't play with any of my pianists, I am particularly glad to have found exactly what I am working on now."
(VV, Austria)

"Wow, that was fast. Sorry if I disturbed you too late in the evening. I appreciate that you could resend them. These tracks sure do come in handy to pass the time while one is restricted to home these days. Best wishes to you!"
(KE, Germany)

"I've downloaded them all now. The Clarke is very impressive. Hell of a piano part."
(VP, UK)

"I bought some accompaniments on your website a couple of years ago. It's a fantastic initiative and a great practice stimulus. Congratulations."
(AA, Spain)

"Thank you for your email. I just listened to the downloaded piano accompaniment. You are a magnificent artist. I will try to see if I could order a few more."

"I just discovered your site "piano-accompaniments and wanted to say thank you!
I just purchased the first movement of the Shostakovich Cello Concerto and am already very happy with it! Being an amateur cellist, its hard to find and motivate someone to practice the accompaniment of such concertos. Also, your FAQs sound very likable and fair, they really convinced me to buy the recording!"
(HD, Germany)

"And can I just say thank you for these accompaniments. First of all, they're extremely high quality. Secondly, they've been key in bringing me back to playing the cello after many years of not playing at all. It's so much more rewarding playing along to an accompaniment!"
(JC, UK)

"Downloaded them! Thank you for your fast response, the track is amazing and working properly! You surely won a new client!"
(RN, Bulgaria)

"Thank you Paul!!
When I post a video Ill send you a link. Thank you for all these great accompaniments, myself and my students have really enjoyed them! "

"I have just downloaded a selection of music for a pupil doing DipABRSM from your site. It is a great help especially in this period when lessons are being done by webcam! Many exams will be done in the same way so quality backing tracks are a brilliant resource."
(CT, UK)

"I have been using your tracks in my studio for a long time. 5 years? Longer? In any case, Im a big fan. As a part of recital preparation, I normally have students play with the tracks in their lessons for a few weeks before they start to rehearse with our accompanist. When they begin rehearsing with the live accompanist they are so well prepared, it saves so much time and elevates their performances. Thank you again for your excellent recordings and exemplary service. Your tracks are so musical and easy to play with. With so much repertoire you almost have every single major work I teach on violin and viola."

"I downloaded all the files and I am very happy with your accompaniment. Great stuff!!"
(SR, Germany)

"I recently purchased the piano accompaniment for the 3rd Movement of Rachmaninoffs Cello Sonata. The track was fantastic and very easy to play along to and I really enjoyed using it."
(AM, UK)

"Hi Paul thats brilliant. Thanks so much for the quick response and great service! The accompaniments are fantastic - Im practicing for my diploma so these will be invaluable. Ill look forward to buying more off your site - amazing resource so thank you."
(TM, Ireland)

"Your recordings are really perfect, congratulations..I plan to make a recording with the concerto in Am by Bach"
(AM, France)

"Thanks, Paul, I'm delighted. This strange period may be your Time!! I'm telling all my musical friends here in Dublin. Nothing better than being able to push ahead with this beautiful music during our isolations!"
(BG, UK)

"As parent of a couple of strings pupils I have to thank you for the invaluable service you are providing in offering high quality accompaniments at this difficult time. Your service is a massive help in keeping motivation levels high and progress on track."
(LR, UK)

"Thank you very much for such nicely played accompaniments! Fantastic job!"
(AH, Qatar)

"Ive not listened to all the files yet but the ones I have heard have been great. So useful at a time when lessons are carried out via Zoom not in person, Im sure we will be back in future for more accompaniments."
(BN, UK)

"Let me say how useful I have found your website and how much fun I have had (over lockdown) revising some pieces I played many years ago. I am now at the stage where I am venturing into new pieces, straining my technique to the absolute limit, and thoroughly enjoying myself."
(GM, UK)

"Your website has not only saved me during the Pandemic, but my students are thriving because of your efforts. I kept playing and playing and playing during the lockdown thanks to you.
Thank you so much!"

"Thank you for taking the time to email me. You provide excellent customer service! I will certainly let my musician friends know about your resource."
(LT, Canada)

"Thanks again. Ive been looking through your list of accompaniments and Im impressed by the number and quality of them. Greatly appreciate all the work you have put into these."

"I'm very glad I stumbled upon this excellent resource and I shall recommend it to others. It's rather nice to revisit some old favourites, I've just had a crack at Brahms, ah it was so nice to play "with" someone again! Will be nice to actually properly learn the rep I never really got to grips with at RAM all those years ago! Your playing sounds absolutely great, my god you nailed it, and with it through an amp at home it's like having a duo partner right here."
(RE, UK)

"I want to thank you for your years of excellent work here with these fine accompaniments. There is SO much out there (especially now...) that is just not of quality. It makes me shrivel as an artist......Your fine accompaniments have assisted to lift my student's playing and overall musical moods, (as well as my own!).
We joyfully thank you for your professionalism and artistry."
(PS, Australia)

"I think you play the Poulenc just as it should be. Thank you so much!!"
(HM, UK)

"Firstly can I say how fantastic your tracks have been for me this year, especially during lockdown. I have been putting a lot of effort into my solo pieces and was unable to practise with my accompanist when Covid reared its head! Using your tracks has kept me motivated and I have since recommended you to my husband, sister and a close friend, all have now got tracks from you as well!"
(HC, UK)

"Just want to let you know the pieces download directly to my iMusic, all labelled! Couldnt be easier. Now to the fun! Thanks so much, Im so happy I discovered you."

"Thank you very much for your time and recording of a slower version. Much appreciated! Its for my 10 year old daughter and she would be delighted to have this accompaniment."
(SK, Australia)

"I thank you very much for your time and great work with the tracks, they have been very helpful for my study and preparation."
(NM, Honduras)

"First of all, I would like to congratulate you on an AMAZING page!! I LOVE everything I see there and would like to purchase a few more from you!"
(CB, Mexico)

"Hello, Mr. Gardner! It just occurred to me that, after having used your collaborations/accompaniments for several years now, I have NOT ONCE thanked you. I must admit, I am quite ashamed. However, I had no idea it was you who was playing everything! What a fantastic artist you are!
You have helped me prepare for recitals and concerto performances, helped my intonation and rhythm, fulfilled my longing to play music all night long, etc. I could go on and on. You have helped so many of my students prepare as well. In fact, one student of mine, a 10 yo, has been taught by you in his preparation to play the Bach A minor VC with orchestra. He has a rehearsal in just a few hours from now, and I have no doubt it will go very smoothly as a result of your virtual tutelage!
For as dark as these times seem to be getting, what a source of light you continue to provide. Thank you so much for everything you have done!"

"Thanks so much! Again, Im very grateful to have found your site. The recording quality is excellent and you take time in the necessary places. Its clear that you have a lot of collaborative experience. I have directed all my students to your site."

"Thank you so much! My teacher and I have really appreciated your accompaniment tracks during this quarantine and plan to continue using them to help in the fall."

"So great, Paul! Thank you very much for sending it sooooo fast! Now I can even today practice it with accompaniment! Wow! It is always a highlight for me!"
(AM, Switzerland)

"Thank you so much! This saved my life for our jury exams in masters. More power to your endeavors!"
(AE, Philippines)


"I'd like to thank you for the service you provide, as it helps someone in my current situation a lot and this would not have been possible without your help."
(BG, UK)

"thanks as always for your great work"

"I downloaded the Mendelssohn with no difficulty. I want to thank you for the excellent rendition of the piano score."
(JW, Canada)

"I cant tell you how excited I was to find this!! My daughter is working on this viola concerto and I cant play it myself and it makes such a difference to be able to practice with the piano part. Thank you for offering piano accompaniments!!"

"As ever thank you for your help and for providing such great accompaniments."
(KB, UK)

"Thats great thank you! Its good to find some decent accompaniments online as I teach a lot of grade 8/diploma students and my piano skills arent quite up to coping with the Mathias and most of the French diploma repertoire!"
(JS, UK)

"Thanks Paul , works really well , have had many hours of fun from different tracks I have downloaded - awesome site - thank you!"
(XR, UK)

"Thank you so much!!!
P.S: This is the only (credible) site my instructor and I could find this accompaniment on, so we really do appreciate it!!"

"I am using your piano tracks on a daily basis (I play for fun every evening) and I have purchased at least a dozen of them during the last couple of years. Basically, I select pieces based on the availability of a piano track."

"Its great to have found your website and Im sure well need more pieces in the future."
(SC, UK)

"It is a perfect accompaniment and good tempo."

"Thank you for recording it! It will be very useful for me."
(BA, Germany)

"I have purchased many of your accompaniment tracks over the years and they are invaluable and have helped so much when learning a new piece."
(BW, UK)

"Many thanks for these tracks, I am delighted with them"
(MC, UK)

"We will notify our friends to use your website. You are worth it."
(YP, Taiwan)

"Forgot the most important: Thank You; Your work is just WONDERFUL"
(ZT, Finland)

"Thank you for your prompt response! The accompaniment files opened. I will be happy to order further accompaniments From you!"
(LD, Russia)

"I love your playing and interpretations of the classics that you have recorded on I have been practicing to your piano accompaniment, and it is so wonderful to get to know you musically."
(AS, Canada)

"Thank You for your wonderful Piano accompaniments"
(WR, Switzerland)

"Thank you very much for re-sending the accompaniments. I have successfully downloaded them this time. I also wanted to thank you for your excellent recordings. They are such a pleasure to play with!"
(EG, France)

"Congratulations on all of your terrific piano accompaniments. They are super useful to help our students prepare for performances."
(VH, Australia)

"Thank you for your prompt reply. I think I have now successfully downloaded them. My daughter uses them and we really appreciate your piano playing, since we don't have regular access to an accompanist."
(FC, UK)

"I have just buy your krommer clarinet concerto piano practice and it's great!!! I love it! Thank you so much for doing this website!"
(GK, Israel)

"Thank you so much, Paul. You're my hero!"

"BTW your recordings are absolutely wonderful! Especially the practice tempos I use for my students to prepare them for performances."

"It is great to have the piano part available at two speeds to actually play with, rather than just study the piano part, before embarking on the often few rehearsals for the concerts."
(VV, Austria)

"I have purchased several recordings from you for oboe and you have been very helpful with my technical problems. I love playing along with them - in particular the Andriessen Ballade for Oboe."

"Thank you very much for these links. It is such a great service for musicians to be able use the accompaniment my daughter is playing the violin to it now. It works really well thank you again."
(EP, Australia)

"Thank you for such Super Service!! All are downloaded and I am looking forward to working with them. Thank you for offering this service. Your offerings for clarinet are really good. Very glad I found you."

"Thank you so much for your quick answer! You saved our summer! It is Bartok time now :D "
(MVS, Finland)

"I really appreciate your prompt response! Thank you for uploading on Dropbox. This is perfect. Thank you very very much, will definitely buy more recordings in the near future."
(BP, Thailand)

"I have been using your accompaniment tracks for my professional performance preparation for some years, and would like to compliment you on the high standard and professionalism of your recordings Thank you!"
(AL, UK)

"First of all many thanks for your contribution to, what for me, is an absolutely valuable resource. I am a flute teacher and use your accompaniments all the time with different levels of student."
(RS, Australia)

"I still would like to thank you for your work and these very helpful accompaniments of very good quality I like them very much!"
(TP, Russia)

"Once again, after listening to this accompagnement, I could appreciate your well balanced, inspiring interpretation."
(DC, France)

"Always I am so pleased to get accompaniments from your website! For me it is a great help and mental support!"
(AM, Switzerland)

"Thank you also for this fantastic online service. It has made such a difference to the performances of my children, and their preparation."
(JE, Australia)

"thank you very much for your piano accompaniments! I'm playing the oboe and have already acquired all the available accompaniments. I wrote to you once with the wish of providing the oboe concert by Richard Strauss. It was not possible for you at that time but you have later provided it!"
(OP, Germany)

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love these tracks!! Every night I read through a different sonata with my own private pianist.. They are the best thing on the internet! :) "

"WOW! Thank you, that is the right one. It is very kind of you to send it, now the hard part....practice."

"Thanks so much, and for your terrific product. I have tried it and its going to work perfectly for my needs. Will be back for more."
(SL, Canada)

"Thank you so much! Your playing is beautiful and I will enjoy practicing this piece for my jury next week!"


"Thank you for providing these accompaniments! I have previously purchased from you, the Hindemith Flute Sonata accompaniment, and I was very pleased"

"Thank you so much, Paul! It worked like a charm!"

"Wow Paul!! Thank you indeed! What a service!"
(RM, Israel)

"This is such a great idea for me as my accompanist can't come to rehearse as often as I would like."
(SM, UK)

"I just wanted to say thank you for the files - we looked everywhere on the internet but couldn't find a good piano accompaniment audio until we stumbled upon your website. I believe that this piece, in particular is incomplete without the accompaniment so I am extremely grateful that I can now perform with the piano audio."
(SO, Japan)

"Great service and very happy with the quality! How marvellous to be able to store Chant de Linos on a tiny flash drive and practice Jolivet mid-ocean on a cruise from San Fran to Auckland. The times we live in!"
(CP, New Zealand)

"Thank you for creating these wonderful accompaniments!"

"Your backing tracks are amazing and I shall be certainly adding to my repertoire now that I have found you. I played for valentines evening at the local hotel and used some of your tracks. Everyone commented on how lovely they were."
(SJ, UK)

"Just had a listen to the accompaniment and it sounds great. Thank you very much helping me out, it is really appreciated as it will be a great assistance over the next week."
(KS, Ireland)

"Thank you for these, I am having a great time playing along with the beautiful recordings."

"Thank you so much for your assistance my viola student is looking forward to working with your accompaniment tracks on her solo."

"I am very happy, now I can practice the entire piece.
You are kind and professional. Thank you."
(MP, Czechia)

"This is super! Thank you so very much.
I appreciate you using your gifts this way to help other musicians in their practicing.
Such a God-send :)"
(VH, Canada)

"I absolutely love your accompaniments. I have many of your cello accompaniments and enjoy them very much."
(MK, UK)

"The kids have tried some of the files and love them. We will place another order soon!
Thank you for providing such excellent service!!!!"


"I just wanted to say 'Thank you' for this wonderful service. I downloaded your accompaniments to Brahms Violin Sonata no 1, Beethoven no12, and Schubert Sonatinas a couple of months ago - they have made my practice sessions so much more enjoyable and rewarding! So I'm now trying a few more to give myself some fresh ideas and experiences - as well as revising some old familiar tunes!"
(SK, UK)

"I just came across your site while searching for accompaniment for a clarinet student who needs accompaniment for an audition in a few weeks. Although I am a piano teacher, I just don't have enough time to learn the suite properly for her audition. What a life saver this is! The parts sound great and have a click "count off" which makes it very easy for the student to practice to. In the meantime, I can work on accompaniment to play live. So glad I found you! I am so relieved! The tracks are already downloaded and ready to go. Sound great."

"Thank you - impressed with playing and quality of the accompaniment. I shall look forward to playing along to Schumann and shall definitely use your web site in the future."
(JS, UK)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful flute repertoire you've covered on this site. I am having so much fun playing various intermediate level pieces 'with the piano' - it makes such a difference!"
(GW, Australia)

"You are wonderful! So kind and helpful. Thank you so much!"
(HB, UK)

"Sounds beautiful."
(MR, Canada)

"Your accompaniments are very helpful! My 12 year old son plays clarinet to a very high level and my piano skills have now reached their limit... We couldn't manage without your downloads, thanks."
(CM, UK)

"I'm very very grateful you have solved my problem. You are very kind ,as usual with your customers. My sincerest congratulations !!!!"
(RP, Uruguay)

"Thank you for download link. Piano perfomance is brilliant! These tracks will be a masterpiece of my collection for flute."
(KK, Russia)

"I love your site and I am so happy that there is a place where we can get the accompaniments to so many amazing classical pieces. Thank you very much for this opportunity!"
(SK, Poland)

"thank you for your website and your work, which is lovely, and is a great help in proving my interpretation of the flute pieces that I am playing/working on."
(RP, France)

"Thank you very much, youre really kind. Ill talk about your website in my conservatory in Barcelona. Its very useful for instruments like mine."
(MO, Spain)

"That is simply perfect THANK YOU! So much. What you've done is amazing!!! Such a great quality and utterly priceless in terms of usefulness!"
(GH, UK)

"Thank you for the thoughtful recording. The attention to the details, esp the tempo markings, made it a pleasure to rehearse."
(SvO, USA)

"That's great Paul thank you so much!! I have a lot of pieces that I recorded myself via midi so with this I can now unify the sound of the piano, looking forward to get more pieces from you thanks again for the efficiency and the prompt response."
(MK, Argentina)

"Thanks for that Paul, Ive downloaded all tracks with no trouble. Ill be coming to your site for future auditions when I need an accompaniment track!"
(JH, Australia)

"I just downloaded and listened to this. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much."

"Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding. I will definitely use your website for future accompaniments."
(PM, UK)

"Thank you so very much...this is wonderful..great job..Perfect tempo..."
(HS, Norway)

"Thank you so much for your prompt reply. The links work fine now and have been downloaded. Previously, I purchased 3 pieces last year and your service never fails to amaze me."
(JH, Aus)

"Thank you so much! I can not believe I was not aware of this amazing site. Being a high school teacher, it is hard to get enough pianist for our solo and ensemble events!"


"Im delighted that youre providing this service. Ive placed my first order and though I havent yet played along with it, I really like the sound and playing and I think it will be a real help in practicing."

"Thank you very much, it worked perfectly ok. I appreciate your help very much and I am sure I will download more tracks from your excellent website!"
(CB, Germany)

"Thank you for your help, now it works. Your accompaniments are great!"
(UG, Switzerland)

"Your excellent piano accompaniments have been very helpful for me while practising."
(KB, Germany)

"Just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the track - initially I was concerned that it seemed a bit fast, but in fact it was great to rehearse with, and you put plenty of space into the solo violin areas - I have been through it 3-4 times, and it's really useful! Got to perform it in 2 weeks, and no time to organise a proper piano rehearsal..... I have recommended you to a student who is doing the Tchaik violin concerto in March."
(SL, UK)

"I purchased some yesterday and it worked really well. I got some quality practices today! Very helpful, thank you, and I am glad I found you online... I have a recital coming up in a couple of weeks... I am gonna to refer your site to my students..."

"Once again - I am here purchasing accompaniments from you. I find them absolutely marvellous to practice to. My rate of progression as a cello student has noticeably increased since I started using your accompaniments. Many, many thanks for starting this service."
(JF, UK)

"Brilliant! Everything now downloaded. Thank you very much. I am quite sure that I will be visiting again soon for additional selections as these are most helpful when working with students in my studio prior to recital and audition performances."

"thanks a lot, it worked, i was really worried, but now i have the tracks again. I really appreciate your professional way of working."
(KP, Germany)

"These tracks are amazing, thank you for saving me from spending days and nights, sequencing the entire accompaniment part."
(TT, Turkey)

"Are you the lovely pianist? I so appreciate these recordings and am super glad you've created them and made them available."

"Thanks so much for this!! Such great customer service!!"
(JS, Switzerland)

"Your site has the best accompaniment tracks. The tempos are spot on, and the students can follow them easily. I don't know what I'd do without your site. My students win so many contests and competitions because they are SO familiar with the accompaniment. Coachings with their live pianists go so smoothly and immediately to music making because they are not bogged down by rhythms, entrances, tempos, intonation, etc...they've already worked that all out with your tracks at home and in lessons."

"it's the first time I have used your brilliant website! And you have saved me hours of learning some piano accompaniments for my sons eisteddfod performances!"
(TB, Australia)

"I highly enjoy your work and am looking forward to purchasing more of it. And again thank you very much for your help!"
(JJ, Germany)

"That is perfect. Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate your help and time with this. I know where to come in the future if I need some more top quality accompaniments!"
(CT, UK)

"I am playing in a concert next weekend, where there will be no accompanist available to me. My violin teacher directed me to your wonderful website and it has been amazing to have access to something like this."
(MM, Australia)

"Just wanted to say I am so pleased to have found your website, what a fabulous idea. I used to play the Dvorak Sonatina with my mother and I am so happy to be able to recreate memories of playing with her, thank you!"
(LH, UK)

"I'm an amateur violinist who studied very seriously when I was younger, I'm a huge fan of your accompaniments (especially all of the Brahms violin sonatas). Not only is practicing great fun, I feel that I know a piece much better for when I do get together with a live accompanist and play."

"Thank you very much. I have downloaded them sucessfully~ (xie xie, means thank you)!~"
(HW, China)

"Mr. Gardner, Kreisler is beautiful! Thank you so much, that you had this fantastic idea with accompaniments!"
(NN, Slovakia)

"But thank you so much for your fantastic service. It's hard to find this kind of customer service these days and just wanted to let you know It is very much appreciated."
(LD, Belgium)

"It is great that you have recorded these piano parts. My son has used them to practice for both NYO auditions and his diploma and has found having a piano part to play along and listen to before pairing up with his pianist really useful."
(CN, UK)

"Just want you to know how much we appreciate what you do to help young musicians."
(AD, Australia)

"Near the future I will buy more MP3 files of piano accompaniments at your wonderful website."
(KO, Japan)

"I thought I would just send a quick email thanking you for these wonderful backing tracks! Finding this site really saved me! :D I'll definitely use this site again."
(JP, New Zealand)

"Congratulations for your work. I bought several accompaniments and I like them a lot!"
(JP, Brazil)

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your sensitive and musical (and accurate!) accompaniment tracks. I'm a professional violinist and this has breathed new life into my home practice. My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner."

"Thank you for wonderful recordings of many piano-accompaniments. We've been your fans ever since we found your site. My 11 years old son, who are playing violin, has benefitted alot by practising with your recordings."
(DPTS, Singapore)

"Everything went very smoothly in the downloading and I just wanted to congratulate you on a great library and terrific service! I hope you are enjoying huge success - and just for the record, we are based in Mexico so this really is a world-wode service!"
(ME, Mexico)

"I must say I really love playing along to your accompaniment backing tracks! They keep me sane in between performance projects. Keep up the awesome work!"
(TW, Australia)

"Thank you for a fabulous accompaniment site."
(ML, Norway)

"Thank you for such prompt and efficient service."
(AP, Israel)

"Btw. I wanted to mention that I find your work very valuable - the recordings are of very good quality and they saved me in the past when I had to prepare for performances of Suite Italienne by Stravinsky with short notice. I don't think I could do quite so well without them, so thank you."
(EM, UK)

"Great job on your tracks, by the way. I may never use a live accompanist again (just kidding). Seriously, though, the recording quality, tempo, accuracy, and skill is outstanding. It is a great idea offering various arrangements as well. I wish you success with your website."

"Again thanks in advance. And congrats for your tracks, they are great."
(FM, Spain)

"I found your website while surfing music site. I am absolutely impressed by the high quality of the piano accompaniments. I want to thank you as well as where the pianists who have interpreted these works because it does not look like midi file. With my acknowledgements and congratulations."
(AM, France)

"Excellent accompaniment tracks - they really help and also make practice so much more fun and satisfying!"
(SK, UK)

"Your accompaniments are terrific and my wife an I use them extensively both for ourselves and our students."


"Please let me take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year. Your piano parts really help me practice better."
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I personally find that it's much more inspiring to practice with actual accompaniment versus trying to use one's imagination. I usually get bogged down with repeating certain sections of a piece or wind up playing at too slow a tempo. The accompaniment, played through headphones from my laptop, really keeps me on track. Kudos on a great idea!"

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(GW, USA) - the truncations mentioned here refer to cuts that I make in certain concerto recordings where tuttis last a long time

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I cannot begin to tell you how excited he is. Instead of giving me a hard time about playing parts over, he is more than happy to, so long as we use the piano accompaniment. It is helping him to keep time and to play his notes better.
Thank you. You are a godsend."

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This is a wonderful idea and a great service for music teachers. It makes it so much fun for students to learn this way. I can also import the MP3 to my Amazing Slow Downer and adjust the tempo to anybody's abilities. I will look for more tunes on your website soon! "

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(SP, Malta) - In response to adding Wieniawski's 2nd violin concerto

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Thanks once again."
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Best wishes and thanks again."

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(CH, USA) note - I have recently revised the places I insert clicks to try and minimise them as far as possible)

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(TF, USA) - I myself am the pianist on these tracks :)

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(NB, USA) - I had re-sent tracks after a hard drive failure

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(EG, UK) - after I realised a customer had paid for a whole sonata while only requesting one movement, and so I refunded the difference


"Hi Paul! I'm back again for more! I have successfully performed the Premiere Rhapsody last week. Thanks again for a great accompaniment."
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(TS, USA) referring to Bach's BWV 1031

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(DH, Australia)

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(IN, France) - names of companies hidden

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I have been thrilled with your site. It makes so much more material available for use with my students, who might only be able to meet with our staff accompanist for a rehearsal or two. I can fire up the files on my office computer, and set the speed anywhere I need to with the Amazing Slow Downer.
I will drop a word to friends across the country as well and let them know about your work. I am so happy with the service and your performances that I have no problem promoting your site!"

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Keep up the good work."


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the best of it's kind on the web!
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