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About this website was set up as a place for instrumental soloists to find and download piano parts to help with practising sonatas, concertos and other solo works. Recorded and produced with great care and professional experience, the tracks have already benefited thousands of customers from across the world. Please navigate around the site for further information and to view the available repertoire.
  Among other things, I hope these accompaniment tracks will help you with:

1) Keeping in time

 These tracks are recorded at a steady pulse, but with a flexibility that reflects how the works may be played in concert. Playing with them should help you address where you may be rushing ahead or letting the pace drop, things you might not recognise when playing by yourself!

2) Keeping in tune

 The tracks are recorded at A=440Hz and stay faithfully in tune, so playing with them can help you identify where you may be playing sharp or flat!

3) Learning to listen and adapt to the piano part

 Many soloists may not have ready access to a professional accompanist, so listening to or playing with these tracks should give you a head start with trying to fit the work together, in the comfort of your own home and at your leisure!

4) Making practice more fun!

 Above all, I hope that these tracks can make your practice sessions more enjoyable and exciting!!

  The tracks are recorded on a Yamaha Clavinova CLP digital piano, which I consider to be the best instrument on which to produce these tracks. As well as the high quality piano sound, the digital nature of the instrument enables me to edit the tracks after recording to ensure the notes are all correct and the tempo and rubato values are sympathetic. I have used my own experience of playing these pieces in recitals to judge how the tracks should sound, and I hope the results suit as many people as possible! To get the best representation of how the tracks sound, I would encourage you to listen to the extended samples I have on the site (menu option above) using a good pair of speakers where possible.

About Me

Paul Gardner
My name is Paul Gardner and I have created this website and all of the tracks available from it. I have spent around fifteen years as a professional accompanist, mainly around London and Southampton, England. For much of this time I have been an accompanist at Southampton university, and have played for hundreds of recitals and exams, most often in the fine setting of the Turner Sims Concert Hall. Much of the repertoire on this website I have played live, so I have got to know many of these works very well.

I have met loads of talented musicians through the years, and without exception I have found working with my soloists a happy and engaging experience.  If you happen to be one of them, hello and I hope music is still bringing you much enjoyment!

I hope you enjoy using my website, and my recordings should you choose to buy them. Please let your friends know if the site may be useful to them, and you are welcome to mention the site on forums. If any of my customers or former students have music websites you would like me to add to the links page just let me know!