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It is possible to modify these tracks, either by using software programs or by requesting changes to be made. The five most common types of changes that can be made are:

1) Removing (or sometimes adding) click-beats
2) Adding or reducing periods of silence
3) Adding repeats
4) Changing the tempo
5) Changing the key

Note: If there are any details regarding clicks, repeats or cuts to made aware of, I details them beside the work/movement in question. If you would like further advice with any tracks you difficulty with, please contact me.

It is actually possible to make certain modifications to these tracks yourself, using an audio (wave) editor such as Audacity. Audio editors are particularly useful for the above points 1,2 and sometimes 3. For instance, making an exact 30 second silence to allow for your concerto cadenza in Audacity is easy to do by selecting the section and using the 'generate silence' option to make it exactly 30 seconds. The same technique can be used to mute click-beats just select the section with the clicks in, go to 'generate silence' and just press OK. Other editors may use a 'mute' function instead within a volume menu.

Audio editors also usually have ways to alter the pitch and tempo of a track as well, but these are often fairly rudimentary and instead I would recommend dedicated software as the algorithms involved are quite complicated.
To slow down or speed up the tracks, I recommend The Amazing Slow Downer to change tempo without altering pitch. A good alternative is Song Surgeon 4, which also includes a wave editor and other features. Both programs can also change the pitch of the track instead, for example if you need to play up a tone. All software must be downloaded at your own risk.

Alternatively, if you would like any particular modifications made, you are welcome to email me to see if this is possible. As re-recording these tracks can often take me a fair amount of time, and because many people have volunteered to pay extra for a bespoke version of their tracks, I have decided to introduce a voluntary donation system for this service, which customers can use if they are satisfied with the modified tracks.

To donate, click the button below and then enter the amount you wish to donate. Then login, or if you don't have a PayPal account, simply press the blue underlined 'Continue' link halfway down on the left hand side. Thank you!