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Any purchased tracks from can be downloaded and stored on your computer or mobile device. From there you can use them within specialised apps or programs to slow down, speed up, change pitch, or to create practice loops to try and perfect particularly tricky bits!

The four apps below are all recommended for modifying accompaniment tracks (although many others are also available). All of these apps have demo versions which can be downloaded for free, to see whether the full versions are suitable for your practice needs.

• Anytune (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)

• The Amazing Slow Downer (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)

• Transcribe+ (iOS)

• TempoSlowMo (iOS, Android)

Alternatively, if you would like any particular modifications made, you are welcome to email me to see if this is possible. As re-recording these tracks can often take me a fair amount of time, I have decided to introduce a voluntary donation system for this service, which customers can use if they are satisfied with the modified tracks.

To donate, simply click the button below and then enter the amount you wish to donate, either through PayPal or with a card. Thank you!