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Tchaikovsky: Serenade Melancolique

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Tchaikovsky: Serenade Melancolique
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✓ Performance version

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Tchaikovsky composed his Serenade Melancolique for violin and orchestra in 1875, and it was later transcribed for violin and piano. As the title suggests, the work is full of melancholy and sorrow, written in the unusual key of B flat minor. Here you can purchase and download the (transcribed) piano part to play along to, recorded by a professional accompanist.

Please click here to see if this track contains clicks/cuts/repeats

Bars 56-59: click-beats help to indicate the start of these bars where piano is silent

Bars 71 and 72 (before Piu mosso): click-beats indicate pulse of stringendo

Bar 129, approximately 12 seconds of silence is given for the violin to play the mini cadenza, before 3 further click-beats signal the re-entry of the piano

Bars 174-177: click-beats help indicate pulse

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