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Arutjunjan: Trumpet Concerto

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Arutjunjan: Trumpet Concerto
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This barnstorming work by Alexander Arutjunjan (1920-2012) was written in 1950 and is a staple of trumpet virtuosos worldwide. It contains elements from folk and Russian music, as well as from the composer's native Armenia. It is immensely popular as a recital choice and as an audition piece. Here you can purchase and download the (transcribed) piano part to play along to, recorded by a professional accompanist.

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Bar 190-233 (rehearsal marks 22-26): This piano solo is shortened to 23 bars, before the section marked Langsamer begins

Bar 361 (Cadenza): 10 seconds of silence in piano parrt, before 5 click-beats signify the lead in to the piano chords in bar 370.

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Trumpet Concerto (practice)

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Note: This practice version is included for free when the movement above is purchased

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