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Dutilleux: Sonatine for Flute

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Dutilleux: Sonatine for Flute
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The Sonatine for flute and piano is one of Henri Dutilleux's earliest works, written in 1943. It is arguably the composer's most famous piece, although he became critical of it in later life as it didn't reflect his later style. That hasn't prevented it becoming a standard of the flute repertoire, often played for recitals and auditions. It contains 3 movements lasting around 10 minutes in total, however the sections are played without a break making the work sound through-composed. Here you can purchase and download the piano part to play along to, recorded by a professional accompanist.

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Cadenza before Rehearsal Mark 16: piano is silent for about 10 seconds before 4 quaver click-beats signify initial pulse of the final section

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Sonatine (practice)

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Note: This practice version is included for free when the movement above is purchased

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