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Advice on using these tracks

  In general, for customers inexperienced with using the tracks I provide, I would suggest the following three points of advice:

1) Please read the details of the work/movement in question to find out if there are any cuts, repeats or click beats to be aware of
2) Ideally, listen through to the accompaniment recording while following a full score, until you are familiar with how your solo part is going to entwine with the piano
3) If you need any extra resources please visit this page. I provide tuning notes and also silent tracks that you can build into your playlist to provide more time between movements

  These accompaniment tracks are designed to help instrumental soloists learn how the piano part sounds for duo works they may be learning. As they are fixed tracks, listening to and following them may come as a bit of a shock to the system for soloists used to playing by themselves or with a live accompanist who responds to your particular interpretation of the work! However, as a professional accompanist myself, with experience of playing these pieces in recitals, I have spent a lot of time trying to make each track as representative as possible to how an accompanist might play it in performance. To this end, I have pitched the recordings to how I might expect a moderate to advanced student to aim to play them. Those looking to emulate Vengerov or Rostropovich may therefore find the tempo too conservative, in which case you can use software to speed up the recording. Equally, while I do provide practice tracks for quick pieces, if you need slower versions you can slow them down too. This page provides further details on making tempo changes.

  Most of the accompaniment tracks on the website should be straightforward to follow, they keep a steady beat and any rubato or accels are gradual rather than sudden. However, there are certain works which may not immediately be easy to follow or to play along with. Some of the flute works fall into this category, such as works by Doppler, Enesco and some of the French works. In every case, I have worked hard to try and ensure that the piano part is as usable as possible, often correlating them with recordings on Spotify and elsewhere. However, if it may help to have a version of one of these works with extra click beats to help you keep in time, please contact me and I'll see if that's possible to do. I can also provide advice as to how long you should expect pauses to be, or tempo markings at certain points. If all else fails, I will refund works that you simply can't get on with!