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Advice for Apple mobile device users

   If you are ordering on an Apple® mobile device, such as an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch then this page should hopefully provide some useful advice on how to store your files.
Devices from other manufacturers (Samsung®/Huawei® etc) tend to have intuitive native file systems so are not included here, but please feel free to contact me if you do need any advice with these.

iOS13 and iPadOS13 (and later versions)

Since the introduction of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 in 2019, the great news is that devices using this operating system and the Safari browser now have an automatic 'downloads' folder to store media files. By default it will be found within your iCloud Drive in the Files app that comes with iOS. When you click on a download link from my website (on the receipt page/email) the Files app is where you should expect to find the downloaded track(s), in case the device doesn't indicate this clearly.

You can try it out by downloading this tuning note track and then trying to locate it! You may need to press and hold on the link for a menu to appear, from which you can select 'download'.

The best explanation I can recommend for how the downloads folder works in iOS13 is this webpage from ''

iOS12 and previous

If you have a PC or Mac computer with iTunes installed then it should not be a problem to store tracks from this website on your Apple mobile device, as you can transfer the tracks in the same way as with any other music files. Before they are transferred, iTunes will convert them from MP3 into AAC format, so the device will recognise them.

However, if you do not have a computer in addition to your Apple mobile device, the process is a bit more complicated. Simply clicking the MP3 links will not enable you to store the tracks automatically, as that is not the way these devices work (prior to iOS13).

  There are two options that are available for you to try, if you are unable to upgrade to iOS13:

1) if you have a Dropbox account/app, then you can ask me to put your ordered tracks into a Dropbox folder, and then when I send you the link to that folder you can transfer the files to your own Dropbox.

2) alternatively you can download a 'File Manager' app to store the files. You should make sure the app has its own web browser, as you may need this in order to access the files. I use one called FileBrowser, which is a paid app, but there are free ones such as Documents (by Readdle) which you may prefer. Once you have the app, and the receipt links, you can use the following procedure:

  i) press and hold on the receipt link until an options box appears. This may include an option to 'Open In' your file manager app, in which case you should do this to store the track. However, if not then you should use the 'Copy' option and proceed to the next step...

  ii) Once you have copied the link you should open the file manager app, go to the browser and paste the link straight into the address bar. The address bar is where you expect to see the web address of the site you are visiting, and usually appears at the top of the browser. Do not paste it into a search box (Google, Yahoo etc) as that will not work. Also, make sure that the pasted address replaces anything that was previously in the address bar.

  iii) If you have pasted it correctly into the address bar then the app should allow you to download the file. Although it may not be immediately apparent where the file has gone, when you exit the browser and go back into the main part of the file manager app, it should appear in your list of files or possibly a Downloads folder.

  iv) If neither of the above methods work, and you are not able to use Dropbox, then please contact me and I'll see what else can be done.

Testing it out - (for devices using iOS12 or previous)

  If you would like to test out the above procedure before purchasing, you can try it with the tuning note file below.

i) Download your file manager app (one with a web browser).

ii) On your mobile device, within Safari or Chrome, try pressing and holding the link to this tuning note track. Select Copy to copy the address of the file.

iii) Open the file manager app and locate the web browser. Paste into the address bar and hopefully an option to download should become available.

iv) Locate the file. It may have gone into a 'downloads' folder, or 'documents' folder, or may just be in the root directory. Play the track to make sure (this one lasts around 30 seconds).

If this works, then you can use the same technique for any download links you order!